Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Month of May

It seems to be the general consensus that the month of May is busy. That is no exception for the Baugh Family. We have had a very fun but very busy month of May. Starting with Austins preschool program and graduation:

Austins class singing and acting (so cute)

Getting his diploma from Miss Tammy (grandma)

After the graduation we stopped off at Kangaroo Zoo to let all of the cousins play one last time before Emma and Braden left for the summer (some did not want to stop playing for the pic)

Caleb recently got an MRI of his brain to make sure everything is ok up there because he is still not walking and is 22 months old. We made a trip up to SL two days in a row, first to talk to a Neurologist and second to have an MRI at Primary Children's. He is sleeping off his sedation meds in this pic above.

For his MRI he had to he sedated and was pretty loopy for the rest of the day! No results yet.

For Memorial Day weekend we went up to the Baugh Family cabin in scofield. We had fun swinging, hiking, eating, roasting around the campfire, and playing endless amounts of card games!

Me and Emily on the "adults only" hike which turned out to be a lot of fun!
Lucy and Ellie finally arrived, the kids had been waiting all day!

Andrew made Austin his own walking stick.

Every time I tell Caleb to say "cheese" he literally does and cheeses so big, it is so funny!

My "little" brother Cameron graduated High School, and we are so proud of him!
And finally swimming in Grandmas pool, a summer pastime. It's amazing how much fun kids can have in a little plastic pool!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Here's to you, MOM!

This past month has been a monumental one for my parents. My mom turned 50 and my parents celebrated their 30th anniversary and their last son will graduate High School!

I just wanted to pay tribute to them and the incredible people they are.

First my mom. My sister and I planned a surprise party for my mom and it was so much work but so much fun! We invited her family and close friends and they all came even some from out of state! It was such an incredbile night, my mom was surprised beyond belief, and we got to hear some wonderful memories and funny stories about her.

My mom works so hard for everyone, no matter who they are. She is my greatest example and I will always look up to her and strive to be like her. She truly fits up there with the scripture women. And she is such an incredible Grandma and the grandkids adore her. Thanks mom for all you do, I love you!

(my mom and brother Cameron)

My parents are the best, sorry if I'm biased but that's just the way it is! My parents are such incredible people! They have always worked hard for us, making sure we have whatever it is we need. Growing up we always did so many fun family things together, I have so many fond memories of road trips together with my family in the station wagon!

They are such wonderful examples to me of what marriage is all about. They work hard for each other and stick up for each other. I have never seen them fight (I'm sure they do because who doesn't) and the times I have seen my dad the maddest is when we say or do something that is disrespectful to my mom. They are fun and full of life and I love them very much! Here's to 30 years!