Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday my 6 year old!

Austin turned 6 yesterday and informed me that his was his best birthday ever, so I think he had a pretty good day! I wasn't going to do a party this year but after a little persuasion from Austin I caved. The one exception was that we would do a pirate party again because I had all the stuff.

This year he got to invite girls too. The kids had a lot of fun being pirates and going on a treasure hunt (same as last year but in a new house so no one seemed to notice)!
Decorating cupcakes and drinking pirates blood (red kool-aid)

After Austins party we headed up to the Mayan for some good food and diving. Austin loves the Mayan and now wants to be a diver when he grows up!

The best part was Austins firework candle. We go to the Mayan a lot and we always see people get these when it is their birthday so Austin was so excited that it was finally his turn!

Austin is such a good kid and such a huge help to me. Whenever Luke is crying he'll come and play with him, and he's so protective of his brothers. He loves to draw and he can build anything out of legos. I am so grateful he is my son and the oldest. It makes me so happy and yet sad that he is already 6. Time never stands still! In 6 more years Austin will be up passing the sacrament and then in 6 more he will be graduating and preparing for a mission! AAAAAHHHH, I just want to scream sometimes for time to stop. But I am learning to enjoy more little things even if they are fits or screaming or messes, because I know all too soon I will long for those things!
Anyway Happy Birthday Austin!