Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I say this every year but Christmas this year was a lot of fun! I just love this time of year and all of the fun family traditions that we get to participate in! Here is Luke on Christmas morning:
Austin woke up at 6:00, and he was ready! So we woke up Caleb and Dad, who both weren't quite ready to wake up yet (next year we will be waiting until 7)
This is a picture of all of the Bruun cousins. My mom gets them pjs every year. This year my brother Cameron, who is on a mission in Sweden, called at 8 am, so we were all at my moms pretty early in the morning!

I had to include this close up of Luke and his twin cousins, Colin and Trevin, I think it's so funny and he looks huge sitting next to them (they are 6 months apart)

On Christmas Eve after we read the nativity and sang Christmas carols we found some Michael Jackson music videos and decided to watch them. It was a lot of fun watching all of the kids dance to Thriller, and Bad! My favorite is Matt's Christmas turtleneck!

While we were having our Christmas program, Andy put his sister Katie (who lives in West Virginia) on video phone so she still got to participate! Here everyone is looking at her new little baby Beau.

Austins favorite present was his lego castle, he worked all day on the day after Christmas to complete it!

We were in quite a state of shock to realize how stinkin' spoiled our kids were this year! But then again we spoiled each other as well! Do you ever have years where you decide you are not going to get anything for each other? Well that's what we did last year and so this year we did the opposite and got each other too many things! But who doesn't like gettting spoiled every once in a while :). My favorite thing that Andy gave me were my blog books. He made and printed two blog books from the past two years and it was a huge surprise because I had never even mentioned that I wanted them! He also got me a laptop! His favorite present for sure was his apple tv. We have spent the past three days straight watching Battlestar Galactica!

We have had a great year haging out with family and eating tons of delicious food! Now it's time to stop eating so much good food and go on a diet!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Family Fun"

On the day after Thanksgiving we headed up to Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square and to stay in a hotel for a night. We thought it would be a great way to spend time as a family. Well, as you might know, things don't always turn out as planned. We stopped at the Mayan to eat before heading up to SL and right when we were getting ready to leave Austin threw up all over the floor and my coat (after already taking him to the bathroom twice)! Well we just thought he had a fluke throw up experience and we continued on our way. We were just pulling up to the temple when we hear some gagging and a huge splash (we didn't think to even think to give him a barf bag)! So now Austin, his whole seat, the floor, and even the seat in front of him are covered in throw up! But determined to make to best of it we continue to the hotel, where I put Austins pjs on in the parking lot and we head up to the hotel (leaving the mess for another day and trying not to think about it:). Me, Austin and Luke stay at the hotel and rent a 15.00! movie while Caleb and dad head up to Temple Square. So while it wasn't the trip we had envisioned we still had a good time and at least we slept well-Caleb had his own queen bed while Andy and I shared the other, Austin was on a roll away and Luke in the pack n play.

Caleb refused to be in this picture with the boys

At least he got one with me

Here he is enjoying the lights with dad

These pictures are not part of the trip but I thought they were fun. Here is Caleb and Luke in 2010.

Here is Austin and Caleb in 2007. I didn't realize just how chubby Luke is until I see this picture of Caleb when he was the same age!