Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Mother's Worst Nightmare

As a mom you have so many hopes and dreams for your children. You want everything in the world for them and you want them to be the best and achieve all of their dreams. Well, something that I’m really starting to learn in this life is that sometimes Heavenly Father has a different plan in mind.

Yesterday, we took Caleb up to Primary Children’s Hospital, after waiting almost 3 months, to see a pediatric neurologist. We found out that our sweet, funny, happy, blue eyed boy has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, or DMD. DMD is a genetic, degenerative disease that affects all voluntary muscles, and the heart and breathing muscles. Caleb will be in a wheelchair no later than 14 and most likely not live past the age of 30.

It was such an incredibly hard thing to hear. You never want to hear that your child is the one that will be different and possibly get teased and not be able to do the things that everyone else can. You never want to hear that the hopes and dreams you had for your child may not happen. I have gone through so many emotions but mostly sadness. Every time I look at his face, I can’t help but get a little teary eyed or simply burst into tears!

But I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Caleb was sent to our family for a reason. He truly is so happy and content with life, ask anyone who knows him. I also know that every moment in this life matters. Family is so important! I don’t care if I ever live in that big dream house or drive a Tahoe or have fancy clothes (yes, things I wanted before :). All I care about is making every precious moment count.

I want to thank everyone that has fasted and prayed for little Caleb and for our family. We have received so many texts, emails, and phone calls. We love you all so much and I know with your awesome help and support that it will be okay and we will be able to give Caleb the best life possible!