Thursday, January 20, 2011

Haircuts and Sittin' Up, Among Other Things

Austin decided to see how fun it would be to cut his own hair. I know it doesn't look too bad from this picture but he cut it in four different places! When I aksed him where he put the hair (because it wasn't in his garbage) he said he hid it under his buckets! I then preceded to laugh and he said, "It's not funny, it's naughty!" You got that right!

At least he's not a girl, I think I would have a harder time covering up the damage. Below is a pile of his hair that I found right where he told me it would be!

Luke is sitting up! He's usually on the ground after about 30 seconds, but he's getting better.

Austin still loves to draw ships and draws them everywhere! For Christmas he got a ream of paper and some tape and this is just one example of his new creations.

Forts are a new thing at our house. The boys love them. They take toys and pillows in to "decorate" the inside. They usually only last about 30 minutes before someone is crying because the other one broke it but it's good fun while it lasts!