Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten.............among other things

Today was Austin's first day of Kindergarten. I wasn't that sad sending him off since it's only three hours, from 8:00-10:53 (to be exact) but it was a little weird sending him off to the big school. I think the hardest adjustment will be getting him to bed early and waking him up early to be ready in time.
He was way excited to go and wear his new batman backpack. He loves his teacher, Miss Johnson. He enjoyed his first day and the only name he remembers from all the kids in his class is a girl named Megan. Should I be worried he can only remember a girl name? Hopefully not! Caleb will be starting preschool next week with Miss (Grammy) Tammy. He is excited to go.

Luke is three months now and smiles all the time. He has just started reaching out for things and he loves sucking on his hands. He refuses to take a binki, what a stinker! But he's a lot of fun and he sleeps through the night, so I can't complain!
Here is a picture I took of Caleb and Luke in matching shirts that I bought when Caleb was a baby. I have almost this exact same picture of Austin and Caleb. Maybe someday I'll post it.

Austin started playing soccer and he loves it. His cousin Jack is also on the team. They have a lot of fun chasing the ball back and forth hoping for a kick every now and then. It's pretty entertaining to watch, luckily they don't keep score yet!

Here's Austin and Jack in action. They are in the blue shirts, Jack is in red shorts and Austin in the black shorts. Austin helping Jack up, what a great teammate!