Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last Week

I am such a blog slacker that my posts always end up being more than one post. Here we are again with many events to blog about!

First meet "Dr Jones":

Austin wears his Dr Jones costume everywhere (to the store, out on the playground, on walks), he now refers to himself as Dr Jones and if I am mad at him if I call him Austin, he says, "I am not Austin I am Dr Jones" which generally makes me more mad! Also yesterday at the zoo he had his cousins Jack and Jayci calling him Dr Jones!

Meet Caleb Longstocking (Courtesy of my brother Jake). Yes, he needs a haircut!

Last weekend we had to opportunity to go to Idaho for a roping in memory of my Grandpa Hendricks who passed away last August. It was incredible because most of the family came and we all got to go out in the middle of the arena and honor my grandpa by giving away two scholorships in his name. It was neat to celebrate my grandpa and his life by attending something that he loved to do! Above pic is Austin and my grandpa's brother, El Ray. Below pic is me and Caleb hanging at the ropin'.

Austin just got done with Itty Bitty Ball. The city had a little sports clinic for 3-4 year olds, it was four days long and each day they learned a new sport: Football, Basketball, Soccer, and T-Ball. It was so cute to see Austin running around with a bunch of other kids trying to figure out sports. He had a lot of fun!


Here we are at the zoo. Our zoo pass expires at the end of this month so we have been packing it in. These pics are from yesterday and we have never seen the animals this lively, it was a lot of fun! These monkeys were just hanging on the fence making the loudest noise ever, it was so funny.

You can't really tell in this pic but the two bears in the background are wrestling and playing:

I have never heard the tiger roar, he is usually hanging out in the very top corner of his hideout but this day he was pacing back and forth and roaring so loud, it was really cool to hear!

And just FYI Caleb's test results came back normal, so he just wants to take his time in the walking business. Thanks for all of your concern, we are glad that he is okay!