Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Child Who Eats!

Ever since Austin was about 2 years old he has eaten a hot dog for lunch and dinner every day, with the exception of Wendy's chicken nuggets occasionally (yuck)! Well, I am excited to have a child who eats something different. Caleb loves to eat and loves food and will basically eat whatever we give him, go Caleb!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My New Addiction

I have had my magnet board for five years now and have never found any magnets worth putting on it. Well, I saw these a while back and I'm sure many of you have too! Talk about easy, cheap, and fun (things required for me to do any sort of craft)! And I have had "girlie" scrapbook paper for at least five years as well but never really get the chance to use it, so as you can see I couldn't help myself I just kept making more! Who knew that gluing paper to rocks could be so much fun?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy BIRTHday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear Austin!

Happy Birthday to you!

Here's to my:
Fun Loving,

Preschool Going,


"Tella Hello" Playing,
Artist in Training,

Big brother caring


We Love You!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Baughs are back!!

Hello everyone! It has been a really long time but I'm done slacking and ready to blog once more! Here are a few highlights of the last THREE MONTHS!

Christmas: A lot of fun, our last big event in our West Jordan house. Literally the day after Christmas the house was bare and the couches moved to the dump and the house packed!

Calebs stash:

Austins stash:

Before Christmas Andy and I took a quick trip to Philadelphia for our anniversary. It was freezing cold and we walked everywhere but it was a lot of fun and neat to see the sights of where our country began.
A little rocky action:

From the top:

Reading Terminal (a really cool indoor market, also part of National Treasure was filmed in here):

Independence Hall:

Liberty Bell:
After Christmas we packed and said goodbye to our West Jordan house and a lot of wonderful friends and moved back to Pleasant Grove. Austin loves playing with his cousin Jack all the time now! And I must say I am a "happy valley" gal all the way!
After we moved we were able to take a trip to Marco Island, Florida where Andy had a conference for work. We got to catch up on some much needed r&r!
While Andy was in conference during the day I would walk out on the beach, it was really cool because there wasn't really any sand, just tons and tons of seashells!

The beautiful sunset:

We got to ride an airboat through the everglades and then we stopped off to look at Alligators:

The biggest nachos ever! This appetizer became our meal:
Now we are getting all settled in. We have lived in PG for two months and really love it! We are grateful to live close to family and enjoy getting to see them often! This last picture is us at the circus which we went to with all our cousins and our grandma, it was a lot of fun!