Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We're Back

I know for most of you, you didn't even know we were missing but I noticed. Two weeks ago the laptop that I was using finally broke down and I didn't realize how attatched to a computer I was. Even just to hop online to check my e-mail or my bank account or to look at my pictures or check blogs I have felt so lost and out of touch without a computer, so I am glad to have one again (thanks babe)! Anyway here is a little update with our family:The only time my boys can really get along for long periods of time is when they dress up and fight bad guys together. No matter what Caleb puts on he calls himself Dr Jones (I wonder where that came from)? It's been fun to watch them play and dress up together.

Easter was a lot of fun this year because both the boys understood it really well. They loved the easter egg hunts we had at Grandma Baughs and Grandma Bruuns and they loved dying easter eggs and looking for their easter baskets Sunday morning.
I always like to get the boys a new spring shirt for easter and a new church shirt. Here they are being nice enough to pose for mom.

This was the first year we attempted this as a family (you know how I feel about messes). But it ended up being a lot of fun and the boys loved it. Of course now I have 12 hard boiled eggs in my fridge that have yet to be eaten but, oh well.
Also: I have seven weeks left of pregnancy, hooray! I am getting induced on May 28 and can't wait to welcome boy #3 into the family!