Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cabin Fever

Andy and I had been wanting to do a family get away all summer but with his new job where he travels to Philadelphia quite often it never happened. Well we finally got some R&R this past labor day weekend (I'm just a little late on the posting)! We headed up to the Baugh Family Cabin on Friday morning and spent the weekend, it was a lot of fun! I also celebrated my 25th birthday on the Sunday that we were at the cabin, we ate some yummy cheesecake and I got to blow out candles this year (of course I made the cheesecake and put the candles on, as a mom if you want candles on your cake you better do it yourself, right?) but it was a great weekend and a fun time spent with family!
The Four of Us
Andy and Austin hangin' together
Eating Lunch (we actually ended up forgetting Caleb was in his chair because all the other kids got up to play he was sitting there for like 30 minutes, poor kid!)
A really pretty moth or butterfly, anyone know?
Happy 25th to me!
Andy's sis Emily tipped over and then couldn't get up, it was really funny! We love you Em!
Part of the Baugh clan enjoying smores!
Austin also started preschool a little while ago! He goes to my mom and I am so excited about it. My mom has taught for many years ever since I was young, and I always wondered if she would still be doing it when I had kids and I am so thankful that she is! She is such an incredible teacher and has ENDLESS amounts of patience, I don't know how she does it. But Austin loves it, and he gets to go with my sisters son, Jack and my cousins daughter, Gracie, and it has been a lot of fun to see them play and learn together! They were so proud of the bags they made the first day.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


My Grandpa Blane Hendricks passed away this past weekend and I would like to pay tribute to the special man that he was and to his incredible steadfast wife, my grandmother. My grandparents and the most hardworking people I know. Every time we drove up to Idaho to visit we could always expect deliciously cooked meals and wonderful hospitality, my grandma would work tirelessly to make sure we were taken care of and well fed. She would always stay up to let us in no matter how late we arrived. We could always expect the horses to be saddled (or sometimes not) and ready to go on adventures with Grandpa. They always put up with us kids probably doing things we weren't supposed to such as playing in the storage room with the old clothes and roller skates and driving in grandpa's fields on the four wheelers or climbing haystacks! But I loved going into the kitchen early in the morning or late in the evening and talking to grandpa as he sat on a stool by the counter. He always remembered what was going on in my life, and he ALWAYS made me laugh! Both my grandparents have always been great examples to me. They not only are hard workers but they are incredibly strong in the gospel. They have raised 7 incredible children who are just like them. I have a wonderful legacy to live up to and I will be forever grateful for my grandparents!