Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Caleb!

So I keep thinking that I'm going to sit down and do a huge post and catch up on the past few months, but life with 3 kids is a little crazy and it's not going to happen. So I am just starting freash with Caleb's birthday. I can't believe Caleb is 3 already, time flies! Caleb is such a happy, funny little boy, he makes me laugh all the time. I am so thankful that he is part of my family of boys. We had his party at Dallin and Sarah's house and everyone had a ton of fun! Here he is going down the slide
Sorry about this random picture of Luke, I tried to put it at the bottom but blogger is not cooperating. It's a lot of fun to see Luke smile! Now back to Caleb's party:

The party guests

Blowing out his candles, Aunt Sarah made this cake and it was so cute! Thanks Sarah!

Checking out his train table from mom and dad

Other news: For everyone who doens't know about three weeks after Luke was born, we moved into a house in Orem. We love Orem and it has been wondeful to have space again and to send the boys out into the backyard to play! Luke is now 9 weeks old and is such a good little boy and his brothers love him. My little (not so little anymore) brother, Cameron, just left to go into the MTC and in 9 weeks he will be headed off to Sweden, we will miss him. We are having a great summer spending lots of time with both Andy's fam and my fam.