Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Boy is 5!!

5 years has gone by soooo fast! I can't believe Austin is 5, and off to Kindergarten in the fall! For his birthday he got one present from us and it has been something that he has been asking for since Christmas was over. I about died when I actually looked up the price of this item on-line (hence the reason for one present) but I broke down and got it anyway. He has loved it, so it was well worth it!

Here he is opening it up. Notice Caleb saying, "Cheese" in the background.
A Lego pirate ship, with sails!

He didn't open his present until about 8:00 pm, that was a mistake because he wanted to start building it right away. Here he is about half way, I made him go to bed at 10:30, so he had to wait until morning to finish.
All finished! The next morning he didn't eat breakfast or even come out of his room until about 11:00, when he was all done. Since that day he has already taken the whole thing apart and started building it once again, I guess building it is most of the fun?
This year since Austin was turning 5, I decided it was time for a friend party. He decided on a pirate themed party and he wanted a ship cake. So I bought a ship pan but had no idea how I was going to decorate this cake, because I really can't do that kind of stuff. So, here is my awesome sister, Jill, slaving away to make Austin the perfect ship cake. She worked for about 3 hours while I supervised (ha, ha). It turned out so dang cute, so this is a huge thank you to my sis and her hard work!

It turned out so perfectly, and Austin loved it!

Here's pirate Austin and all of his pirate buddies getting ready to party!
Your classic "pin the ship on the treasure map"
The pirates searched the room and found an old treasure map that had washed ashore in a bottle, they were ready for their treasure hunt.
Scoping out the treasure.
Our first stop was the oven, for some pirate eye patches.

After stopping at the dryer and the bathtub, the pirates finally found their treasure in Austin's room. Here they are making their scariest pirate poses with their loot.
Decorating their treasure boxes.

This picture is dedicated to my mom, who saved the party. So I scheduled the party for an hour and a half, and was still wondering if that was enough time. Well when we were done with every activity and only a half an hour had gone by I started to panic. Luckliy my mom, who is also a preschool teacher, rescued us with some other fun pirate games, like Treasure, Treasure, who stole the treasure, and Pirate, Pirate, Treasure (Duck, Duck, Goose), so Thanks a million mom!

Opening presents. Austin got more legos from his friends which he loved!

Cake time!

Two pirate pals, Austin and Jack.
Happy Birthday bud, we love you so much!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Time for Change

With the new baby coming soon we knew it was time for Caleb to move out of his crib and move into a bed. We decided to purchase bunk beds and then move Austin's old bed into Caleb's room so Caleb could get used to a "big boy" bed and then hopefully if it works out when the baby comes we will have Caleb move into Austin's room. I've had many doubts about this arrangement and still do because Austin is VERY independent and loves playing in his room by himself for hours at a time. But for now everyone is happy, Caleb is doing great in his bed and Austin loves sleeping on the top bunk of his new bed.