Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday!

I can't believe Caleb is 4! He is starting his senond year of preschool soon and getting so big! He won't let anyone help him do anything at all and with his disablility it can sometimes takes him a VERY long time to put on his shoes or get into the car but I'm glad he is willing to do it, and it is teaching his mom a LOT of patience!

Caleb loves his new cozy coop (and just for all of you out there thinking of getting one of these, it is worth the extra $15 to buy it already assembled, it took about 2 hours to put it together). But Caleb loves it and it comes with a removable bottom so Luke can sit in it and Caleb can push him around, they both love it.

The only thing Caleb asked for was a Bionicle and you can tell by the cheesy grin on his face that he was so happy to get one.

For his party we just invited all the cousins to join us at McDonalds. There are only a few play places in this area that Caleb can climb up into and this particualr McDonalds is his favorite. It has some cute musical toys that the kids can climb and play on and they play music too.

The Bruun and Baugh cousins (at least a few of them :) I'm sure McDonalds was happy to see us go!

Presents! Caleb got spoiled from everyone! These are some way cute bean bags that Aunt Aleesa made, hopefully he can now learn to spell his name :)

In the evening Caleb and I drove up to meet Daddy for a special date. Caleb wanted to eat at the Mayan but we weren't able to eat there and make our movie, so we just took pics on the snake, which he was just as excited about. We then grabbed some corn dogs and fries and went to the new Smurfs movie. It was very "smurflarious." Caleb loved it and laughed out loud many times, so it was fun to watch him.

We love you so much, Caleb. You are so funny and always make us laugh! We know that no matter how hard life treats you, you will greet each day with a smile and a lot of determination. Happy Birthday!