Friday, July 11, 2008

A Lot of CRAZY!

Wow, these last two weeks have been crazy! I got a new calling to be the second councilor in the relief society presidency, so I am over enrichment. I feel pretty overwhelmed right now, and I hope I am up for the task! Andy also started a new job where he goes to Philadelphia every other week and so that has been an adjustment as well. Last week was his first week gone so Austin, Caleb, and I set out for a four day stay at my sister Jill's. Plus we had the fourth of july weekend, where we stayed at my mom's house so we wouldn't miss any of the fun events. Here are a few things we did to enjoy our fourth:

Balloons 6:00 am

Parade with Grandma and Grandpa Bruun

BBQ with the Baughs at the Park

Fireworks at Grandma Bruuns

Caleb and Jayci
Our stay with Jill
Jack and Austin