Monday, July 25, 2011

Bingham Copper Mine a.k.a Volcano Mountains

I have been planning on taking the boys up to the copper mine forever, so I finally decided last week to take them (and then we ended up going again three days later, isn't that always how things work out:). Anyway, they had a lot of fun watching the big, huge, gigagntic dump trucks hard at work. I made the mistake of telling Caleb that the mountain looks like a volcano from the front and now he won't refer to the copper mine as a "copper mine", it's a "volcano mountain" (whoops).

Afterwards we stopped at my very favorite restaurant, Ab's Drive-In. When we lived out in West Jordan, I frequented this place, probably why I didn't lose any weight out there :), they have the best fries and shakes! Anyway, I've been wanting to go back and eat there ever since we moved back here to Orem. So in January I told myself if I lose 10 lbs then I can go (I know you should never reward yourself with food but it works for me). Well it took until June to finally decide to work hard and lose 10lbs and I did, and I was not dissapointed, it was still as delicious as I remembered it.

On the drive home I really wanted Luke to stay awake so he would have a good nap at home (you all know what I'm talking about). So I handed him a brand new box of tissues and he was enrtertained the whole ride home, it was great! Thank you Kleenex!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Independence Day........

We started off our morning at the freedom run. I did not run but Andy did and quite a few members of his family as well. It was fun to watch and it inspired me to get my behind in gear and run next year!

Austin and Caleb waiting for daddy to run by. Austin asked about every 30 seconds, "Wheres my dad?"

After the run we headed down to the parade. We were about 30 minutes late because someone lost the keys to the car (I would never do anything like that :) Lucikily it didn''t ruin our whole day!

After some parade watching we headed over to Scera Park for the annual Baugh picnic. Here is Caleb and Micah. They followed each other around the whole time and found their way over to the bag of chips quite often, we even caught them feeding each other, they were pretty cute.

Running in the kid races. Go Caleb!

We ended the night at my brother Dallins house. I'm glad we ended up swimming there, I wasn't sure if we were going to go because the week before my nephew Jack drowned, and then was rescesitated. It was such a scary, traumatic event and I will be forever grateful that everything turned out ok!

We had a lot of fun swimming and being together as a family. I think it was good that we were all able to go back and have a lot of fun. Jack was completely fine and jumped right back into the water, no problem!

After a hot game of basketball all of the guys jumped back into the pool and had a contest to see who could make the biggest splash. I think my dad won! They were so crazy doing all kinds of tricks and flips off the diving board. It was really finmy to watch!

The four Bruun babies

Luke, Xander (Jills), and Colin & Trevin (Jakes twins)

An absolutley adorable family picture :)

We didn't end up doing fireworks because of all the rain but we had a great Independence Day together as a family!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stadium of FIRE!

The Stadium of Fire was a lot of fun this year. Andy and I really like Brad Paisley so we got six tickets and had a blast! My parents came along with Andys bro, David, and sis, Katie. At the beginning some skydivers brought in the flag which was really neat. Then David Archuletta started off the show, and I was really amazed and impressed and I think I may have even developed a little crush on him:). But I was most excited for Brad Paisley. He sang most all of his great songs and I really wished that he could've sang all night! But of course, you can't go to the stadium of fire without some really awesome fireworks, which they were! All in all it was a great night and the weather was perfect!

Me, Andy, Dave, and Katie

My parents and us

Dinosaurs at the Zoo?!

The boys were so exctied to see Dinosaurs all around the zoo. At first they were a little nervous,

Austin kept saying, "Are you sure they aren't real?" But after they were sure, they loved them and wanted pics by all of them. They really were cool to see.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE- 2 months late!

Eating a birthday waffle for breakfast

Ready for the party goers to arrive!

He was not so sure about the candle

But he loved his cake

And destroyed it in the end

I can't believe my little baby Luke is already one! We celebrated in style with all the Baughs and all the Bruuns together in our house, it was pretty chaotic but also a lot of fun! Luke loved his cake and it was so much fun watching him devour and destroy it.

Some of my favorite things about Luke are: his laugh and smile, his love for food - he eats every kind of baby food and always begs for everything we are eating as well, he loves to look at books, he laughs and flaps his arms every time he sees his brothers. and he imitates everything we do.

Luke makes us laugh on a daily basis and I am so grateful and happy that he is a part of our family of boys!

Two Boys Graduate

Mrs Schubert was Austins teacher helper but he had an extra special bond with her because she is also in our ward and she is so much fun. Austin loves saying, "Hi" to her in church.

Austins teacher, Miss Johnson. Austin loved Kindergarten and Miss Johnson was such a wonderful teacher. I got to come into Austins classroom every Thursday and help out and it was a lot of fun to get to know Miss Johnson and the kids in his class.

Austins best friend, Joey, who is also in our ward.

Caleb got to graduate from two preschools this year. First was from Grammy Tammys preschool, which he loved so much, probably because his teacher is Grandma and his cousin, Jayci was in his class.

Here he is at his early intervention preschool at, Lindon Elementary. His teacher was Miss Jennifer who was wonderful and has a lot of patience. Caleb loved waiting for the bus every morning to pick him up at our house for school.