Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Austin has had a loose tooth for awhile now but he wouldn't let anyone touch it, he was so afraid of the pain he would be in if we pulled it out. So imagine my shock when one day during lunch he reached in and pulled it out! He was so proud of himself. Way to go Austin!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dreaming of Summer.......

Summer is in the air, especially after a day like today! We went to the park today and it was a bit breezy but so nice. This is a picture of Austin and his best friend Joey, they are in the same Kindergarten class and church class, and I watch him three days a week. They are great and have so much fun together!

This is the best one I could get of Caleb, he was all over the place, he loved the park!

Veggies always remind me of summer. This is a new recipe I found, where you roast the veggies with salt and pepper and thyme ( I added parmasan cheese). They were soooooo tasty and only 1 point (if you are on weight watchers, then you know what I'm talking about:)

Our house was so hot today but I'm not quite ready for A.C. So we pulled out the summer jammies! I love these ones that snap the shirt and pants together, I think they are so cute!

We are SO excited for summer!!!!