Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back to School...

Having a first grader is sooooo different! Austin acts so much more grown up. He walks to and from school every day, he has math and reading and spelling homework. He is so much more independent, it's weird but good too! He loves it!

Caleb goes to preschool three days a week now. His favorite part is definately the bus that pulls up right in front of our house to pick him up. I can't really say what he's learning because I ask him every day how school was and he always tells me what kind of snack he ate and that's it. Oh well, he seems to be having fun. I have enjoyed having the kids back in school but I have found that Luke gets extremely bored on the days when Caleb is gone and he follows me around the house crying but other than that it's been great!

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Brittney said...

That's so funny about Caleb. When my Kaleb was in preschool, I'd ask him about his day and every single day it was "we had chocolate milk". That's it. Nothing more. Funny that food is the highlight of their day. Then again, sometimes it's mine too. :)

Glad you guys had fun on your trip. That spider looked FREAKY!!!