Monday, July 25, 2011

Bingham Copper Mine a.k.a Volcano Mountains

I have been planning on taking the boys up to the copper mine forever, so I finally decided last week to take them (and then we ended up going again three days later, isn't that always how things work out:). Anyway, they had a lot of fun watching the big, huge, gigagntic dump trucks hard at work. I made the mistake of telling Caleb that the mountain looks like a volcano from the front and now he won't refer to the copper mine as a "copper mine", it's a "volcano mountain" (whoops).

Afterwards we stopped at my very favorite restaurant, Ab's Drive-In. When we lived out in West Jordan, I frequented this place, probably why I didn't lose any weight out there :), they have the best fries and shakes! Anyway, I've been wanting to go back and eat there ever since we moved back here to Orem. So in January I told myself if I lose 10 lbs then I can go (I know you should never reward yourself with food but it works for me). Well it took until June to finally decide to work hard and lose 10lbs and I did, and I was not dissapointed, it was still as delicious as I remembered it.

On the drive home I really wanted Luke to stay awake so he would have a good nap at home (you all know what I'm talking about). So I handed him a brand new box of tissues and he was enrtertained the whole ride home, it was great! Thank you Kleenex!


Doug & Randi said...

that is hilarious about the tissue box entertaining him so well. What a clever idea.:)

Brittney said...

WOW...I've never been up to the copper mine but you could see the trucks from a distance from where Matt grew up. I had no idea they were so massive. I'm sure the boys loved it.

Glad to hear that Jack did fine with getting back in the pool. I'm sure you were all nervous about being there though. Fun for the family though.