Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Independence Day........

We started off our morning at the freedom run. I did not run but Andy did and quite a few members of his family as well. It was fun to watch and it inspired me to get my behind in gear and run next year!

Austin and Caleb waiting for daddy to run by. Austin asked about every 30 seconds, "Wheres my dad?"

After the run we headed down to the parade. We were about 30 minutes late because someone lost the keys to the car (I would never do anything like that :) Lucikily it didn''t ruin our whole day!

After some parade watching we headed over to Scera Park for the annual Baugh picnic. Here is Caleb and Micah. They followed each other around the whole time and found their way over to the bag of chips quite often, we even caught them feeding each other, they were pretty cute.

Running in the kid races. Go Caleb!

We ended the night at my brother Dallins house. I'm glad we ended up swimming there, I wasn't sure if we were going to go because the week before my nephew Jack drowned, and then was rescesitated. It was such a scary, traumatic event and I will be forever grateful that everything turned out ok!

We had a lot of fun swimming and being together as a family. I think it was good that we were all able to go back and have a lot of fun. Jack was completely fine and jumped right back into the water, no problem!

After a hot game of basketball all of the guys jumped back into the pool and had a contest to see who could make the biggest splash. I think my dad won! They were so crazy doing all kinds of tricks and flips off the diving board. It was really finmy to watch!

The four Bruun babies

Luke, Xander (Jills), and Colin & Trevin (Jakes twins)

An absolutley adorable family picture :)

We didn't end up doing fireworks because of all the rain but we had a great Independence Day together as a family!

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NatPalmer said...

I have a few comments after scrolling through your blog-

I LOVE your new family photos. So cute!

Sorry to hear about your nephew Jack, but glad that he's okay!

You look so much like your mom!

I can't believe your baby is 1 year old. Time flies.

Cami said...

Hey cute girl!! We need to get together soon!! I have been crazy busy. Your blog is looking so cute!